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香港六合彩开码 www.g0gn.com.cn Ⅰ.用适当的语法形式或词汇填空。从A、B、C、D四个选项中选出一个最佳答案,并填在答题纸相应的位置上。(本大题共30小题,每小题1分,共30分)

1.It _______ time to build trust among people from different places.
A.spends B.takes
C.finds D.pays

2.She is a well-educated young woman of _______ parents.
A.respect B.respectful
C.respectable D.respective

3.I usually _______ as soon as my head touches the pillow.
A.go to bed B.sleep
C.asleep D.fall asleep

4._______ it rains, we will have a picnic this Saturday.
A.If B.As long as
C.Though D.Unless

5.The teacher read the text _______ fast that the students could not follow him.
A.too B.so
C.very D.such

6._______ you have recited the story, you should be able to retell it.
A.Now that B.Although
C.In case D.For fear that

7.The old lady will have her teeth _______ in the dentist’s tomorrow.
A.fixed B.to fix
C.fixing D.be fixed

8.The teacher asked the students _______ to read the words on the blackboard.
A.on the turn B.at turn
C.out of the turn D.in turn


9.The girl was so seriously injured that she had _______ at once.
A.to operate B.to be operated
C.to operate on D.to be operated on

10.There is a heap of dirty clothes waiting _______.
A.to be washed B.to washing
C.for to wash D.washing

11.To answer correctly is more important than _______.
A.answered quickly B.a quick answer
C.quickly answered D.to answer quickly

12.She put on a lot of weight after _______ two children.
A.born B.being born
C.giving birth to D.birth

13.I asked him_______.
A.where did he buy the book B.where he bought the book
C.where he buys the book D.where he buy the book

14.As a rule, _______ cars are much cheaper than new ones.
A.using B.being used
C.used D.having been used

15.His boss asked him to _______ a plan for the project within a week.
A.turn out B.work out
C.came out D.draw out

16.Beijing is different _______ Shanghai in many ways.
A.from B.as
C.to D.between

17.The farmers _______ in the field since eight o’clock in the morning.
A.have been working B.are working
C.had worked D.were working

18.It was _______ that there was nobody on the street.
A.so cold day B.such a cold day
C.a day so cold D.such cold day

19.He had no sooner seen the letter _______ he started back home.
A.when B.while
C.than D.that

20.By the end of last year, he _______ English for seven years.
A.has studied B.has been studying
C.had studied D.studied

21.I _______ he would finish the job on time. So I wasn’t worried at all .
A.thought B.was thinking
C.had thought D.has thought

22.His mother lived with him for quite _______.
A.much time B.sometime
C.some time D.sometimes

23.Let’s meet at the garden _______ you can see some red roses.
A.which B.that
C.whose D.where

24.The young man found life in Beijing enormously _______.
A.exciting B.excited
C.excitement D.excite

25.She never forgave her father for breaking his _______.
A.promote B.perfection
C.promise D.protection

26.The cave _______ us from the heavy rain.
A.guarded B.fought
C.sheltered D.shadowed

27.The abuse of drugs can have very serious and long-lasting _______ on a person.
A.efforts B.affects
C.results D.effects

28.The old man observed him _______ the room with a bag.
A.entered B.entering
C.enters D.is entering

29.He proposed that we _______ next Sunday.
A.meeting B.shall meet
C.meet D.will meet

30.He strongly objected to _______ like a child.
A.be treated B.being treated
C.treat D.treating


Passage 1
Drugs have become a political obsession(困扰) this election year. The House recently passed a bill that would impose a federal death penalty for drug-related murder. The House bill also calls for widespread mandatory drug testing and would permit the use of illegally gathered evidence in criminal trials. The Senate(参议院) is considering ways to bring the House bill to a quick vote, without going through the normally lengthy committee process.
Every politician is eager, it seems, to cast a tough antidrug vote before the election in November. It’s as if politicians feel they have to come up with some new and severe measure that hasn’t been tried before, in the hopes it will make the drug problem disappear. The death penalty for drug pushers or those who commit drug-related murders seems to be the favorite of conservatives this year. Now, a handful of liberals have come up with a radical approach at the other extreme: decriminalize drug use in the hopes that it will take the profit out of drug sales.
There aren’t any easy answers to the drug problem in America. And election years certainly aren’t conducive(有益于) to discussions of the hard truth of drug use. Drug dealers push their wares because there is a market for them in this country. Legalizing drugs won’t affect that market and, arguably, might increase it by removing the penalties.
Nancy Reagan was strongly criticized when she proposed a program to “just say ‘no’ to drugs.” But is there really any other answer? Americans are going to have to face up to some hard questions about ourselves and our values if we’re really going to eliminate drugs. Most of us, unfortunately, would rather talk tough or redefine the problem.


31.Which proposal was included in the House bill on drugs?
A.to punish drug-related murderers by death
B.to prohibit the use of drugs in any situation
C.to make mandatory drug testing illegal
D.to refuse to use illegally gathered evidence in criminal trials

32.What is the Senate trying to do?
A.fight the House bill
B.put forward another proposal
C.speed up the voting process
D.establish a committee before the vote

33.What are politicians eager to do, according to the author?
A.change their constituents’(选民)minds about drugs
B.delay a decision on the drug problem until November
C.find a way to make the drug problem disappear
D.limit the drug problem to a certain group of people

34.According to the author, what will happen to the drug market if we legalize drugs?
A.The hard truth about drugs will finally be faced.
B.Drug dealers won’t be able to sell drugs so easily.
C.Pushers may make more money.
D.It would benefit those who take drugs.

35.How do most Americans deal with the drug problem?
A.They generally support the “just say no”drug policy.
B.They would not touch drugs.
C.They really try to face the drug problem.
D.They only talk about it.

Passage 2
   Men seem to have always taken an interest in meteorites(陨石),but not until the early nineteenth century were these objects considered worth preserving for scientific study.
   In the beginning people believed that because meteorites fell from the heavens, they were either gods themselves or messengers from the gods. Thus the more civilized of early men carefully kept the meteorites, covering them with costly linens and printing them with oil. In many instances, the people built special temples in which the meteorites were to be worshiped. Meteorite worship was common long ago in the Mediterranean area, and in Africa, India, Japan, and Mexico, such worship still persists in some regions.
   Although many people held meteorites in reverence(尊敬),particularly if they were seen to fall, other practical-minded individuals made good use of the durable and easily-worked alloy provided by nature in the nickel-iron meteorites. They frequently used this metal to make tools, and often pots and other utensils. Throughout history, meteoritic iron has been used in the manufacture of special swords, daggers, and knives for members of royalty. Attila and other early conquerors of Europe boasted of “swords from heaven.” As late as the end of the nineteenth century ,several swords were made from a Japanese iron meteorite at the command of a member of the Japanese court.

36.In the nineteenth century men began to _______.
A.study meteorites scientifically
B.preserve meteorites
C.take more than a casual interest in meteorites
D.investigate practical uses for meteoritic iron

37.The more civilized early men tended to _______.
A.have no interest in meteorites
B.preserve meteorites carefully
C.recognize what meteorites actually were
D.making practical use of meteorites

38.Meteorite worship was _______.
A.limited to small isolated tribes
B.common everywhere in the world
C.common throughout much of the world
D.limited to the least civilized of early men

39.Until the end of the nineteenth century meteoritic iron was used to _______.
A.build churches and temples
B.manufacture sturdy tools
C.provide special weapons for royalty
D.all of the above

40.Implied but not stated: _______.
A.Meteorite worship persists in some areas today
B.Since the nineteenth century, man has studied the composition of meteorites.
C.Only meteorites which were seen to fall were worshiped.
D.Meteorite worship was common in Japan in the nineteenth century.


41.shoemaker    42.afterwards   43.millionth   44.repeat   45.follow
46.funeral      47.author       48.define      49.lecture   50.yellow
51.write        52.bleed        53.stretch     54.silence  55.alert
56.expose       57.create       58.simple      59.phone    60.charm


cars      changes   cut down   easily     importantjobs      meet      modern     pollution  problems

To get rid of the world of the pollution—pollution caused not just by cars, but by all 61 industrial life—many people believe we must make some fundamental 62 in the way many of us live. Americans may, for example, have to 63 the number of privately owned 64 and depend more on public mass transit systems. Certainly the expensive use of new transit systems could cut down on traffic jam and air 65 . But these changes do not come 66 . Sometimes they conflict with other urgent 67. For example, if a factory closes down because it cannot 68 government pollution standards, a large number of workers suddenly find themselves without 69. Questioning the quality of the air they breathe becomes less 70 than worrying about the next paycheck.

Wealth achieved through dishonest means does not bring happiness. Lottery winnings do not bring happiness. Wealth 71 by parents does not bring happiness. In fact, money alone is almost 72 If you have both self-esteem and money, however, you are well on the 73 to happiness. What is missing in 74 self-esteem and money is productive work and a real contribution 75 the happiness of others. The secret to happiness 76 in the contribution towards the happiness of others. You can fool others but you can never 77 yourself. If you obtain wealth through luck or dishonest 78 , you will know you did not earn it. If you have taken advantage or hurt 79 to earn your wealth, you will not be 80. You will not like yourself. You will not feel you are capable.


81.According to the author of The Time Message, the best day to stop all study activities is _______.

82.While reading newspapers, Sidney’s main problem was that _______.

83.Sidney learned from the Jewish man _______.

84.In Love of life, though the man was tired and hungry, he could beat the wolf. It is because      .

85. Pappy invited Agent X to stay for dinner because he wanted      .

86.The first-class fiddling played by Agent X made him        .

87. The writer didn’t offer to help the white woman in the station because he knew that       .

88. While standing next to her son who was dying, Tracy’s mother remembered that Tracy      .

89.Everyone in the family knew that Lois was overweight, but none of them “       ”.

90. The phrase borrowed from boxing “never hit a man when he’s down” means “      ”.















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